FLexible Staffing


Qualitative Research Services – Moderating

Sharon offers all aspects of qualitative research from design, recruitment, and moderating to analyzing and presentation of results. She is comfortable working with corporate organizations and market research suppliers. Her background in the corporate environment coupled with her background with market research suppliers gives Sharon a unique perspective on solving business questions. Sharon has worked with an extensive range of clients in the packaged good, service and pharmaceutical categories.

Her experience allows her to help clients see challenges from a different perspective and helps open the door to creative solutions.

Strategic Planning

She uses creative exercises and probing techniques to help uncover customer perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes. Her disarming approach with respondents, regardless of respondent type, helps them feel comfortable. Her style promotes a trusting environment where respondents let their guard down and they talk. Listening to respondents – really listening to them – and appreciating them for who they are is also a powerful channel for getting beneath the surface and uncovering their stories. Sharon enjoys the challenge of working with sensitive and emotional topics. Synthesizing and transforming information into leverageable insights is her strength and she has a passion for representing the respondents thoughts and perspectives to clients. The insights gleaned from projects Sharon has worked on, help create new products, positionings, strategies, communications and campaigns.

Each project is custom designed to meet the needs of the project objectives. Obtaining robust customer insights and new ideas is accomplished through the use of creative and projective techniques.

Sharon’s qualitative experiences include:
One-On-One, In-Depth Interviewing and Focus Groups –
Tailored to fit the needs of the project.
Ethnographic Research – A study of understanding how people live their lives. Central to gaining a full understanding of your customer which can help develop strategy, positioning, and communications.
Communications/Messaging – Insight into how the service or condition affects the respondent’s life and where the unmet needs are. Checks language meaning of insight, benefit and reason-to-believe statements.
Copy Testing – Communication and campaign development checks on storyboards, animatics, print and web design, whether fully produced or concept stage.
Brainstorming/ Ideation Sessions – Energized sessions with creative exercises that help clients generate products, services and strategies.

Online and Mobile Research – Web-assisted telephone interviews, online focus groups, online bulletin boards, mobile diaries and insight communities.